An Industrial visit to BISAG on 18th October 2012 for 3rd semester student.

An Industrial visit was organized by CE department on 18/10/2012 at BISAG Gandhinagar. It was a wonderful experience meeting with scientists and technicians of BISAG. Students became aware with information broadcasting and Geo-informatics as well as about Satellite communication. BISAG, formerly known as Remote Sensing and Communication Centre (RESECO), has been renamed after the great Indian Mathematician of the 12th century, “Bhaskaracharya” BISAG is a State level nodal agency to facilitate the use of spatial and geo-spatial technologies for the planning and developmental activities pertaining to Agriculture, Land and Water Resource Management, Wasteland/Watershed Development, Forestry, Disaster Management, Infrastructure and Education. The Institute started its operations in April 1997 and was renamed as ” Bhaskaracharya Institute for Space Applications and Geo-informatics ” in December 2003.


  • Prof. Jaydeep Tadhani.(CE. DEPARTMENT)
  • Prof. Parth Raval. (MECH. DEPARTMENT)
  • Prof. Trupti Gondaliya.(CE DEPARTMENT)
  • Prof. Purvi Garala.(EC DEPARTMENT)
  • Prof. Niraj Jogiya.(CE DEPARTMENT)
  • Prof. Javed Muliya.(EC DEPARTMENT)


  • To enhance the knowledge of students .
  • To make aware with real industry.
  • To know the persons of industry and what is the working role of person in industry.