Instructor: Prof. Harsh Modha (PGDM – Human Resource)


The objective of this course is to impart skills and training to improve ‘Personality’ of students i.e. ‘Front-stage-communication skills’, ‘Interpersonal communication skills’, ‘Leadership skills’ and making them learn ‘Group Behavior’. This course aims to help students appreciate and implement various aspects related to effective oral communication skills. Also it will provide an idea on Indian Business Etiquettes and a practical touch of Industry & Business Environment. The course will also emphasize on the aspects of development of ‘Positive Attitude’ towards life and a very important and necessary thing i.e. ‘Time Management’.

Learning Outcomes:

After doing this course students will:

  • Have enough confidence to give presentation in front of an audience.
  • Have been sensitized enough towards the benefits of using various tools of communication skills and implementing the same as per the individual’s requirements to do so – like, clear speech, proper dressing, appropriate body language and facial expressions, eye contact, preparing the contents, development of an attitude towards life and knowledge about business etiquettes and environment.
  • Have gained interpersonal skills and dynamics of group behavior.
  • Have been made conscious of basic Indian behavioral etiquettes and appreciate the fact that these etiquettes change from country to country and so necessary preparations for the same may help business behavior.

Learning Teaching Methodology:

As mentioned above the course aims to enable students to achieve various learning outcomes. To achieve this instructor and students will work together to ensure this is done.

Instructor will conduct 30 classroom sessions to introduce and explain some of the key concept and techniques through presentations and encouraging discussions among the students. It would be followed by personalized comments by instructor to individual students for improvement.