IGTR Vatva GIDC – Ahmedabad visited by 5th – Mechanical Students on 13/08/2016

The objective was to visit this company is to learn about the computational machining process and the methods of working mechanical tools with the help of different machine and this appropriate applications.
Company Profile:
The company IGTR is celebrate with two country india as well as Germany. The company profile is fully based on the working different mechanical components with the help of computer operated machine. This company is partially governed by our government which is helpful for students training.
Visiting experience of IGTR was to good that we learn about the man- machine in force with the help of software. We also learn about the G and M code. but the guide was not much experienced so we also faced some problem in Q&A sessions.
Learning from visit:
We learnt how to communicate with machine and can work on that and also about working a prototype of any model and their analysis. There was too good working environment made by robot and their application in industries in different way.
First of all we are thankful for this visit and it’s all credit goes to Mr. Motiwala and TPO of our college Mr. Vikas R. Gondalia and our Head of the Department and faculty guide of this visit to make it for us in regarding to gain the practical knowledge about the machinery