BISAG, GANDHINAGAR (for Semester III,V,VII on 18/09/2015)

During this visit total 35 students visited BISAG, Gandhinagar as well as Science City, Ahmedbad. Transmitter and receiver units were visited. BISAG is famous for specialized services in implementing end-to-end GeoSpatial Technology applications in the areas of Ground Control Survey,Digital Photogrammetry, Digital Terrain / Elevation Models and Contouring, Vector Data Capture, Digital Orthophotography and Ortho-mosaicing, Image Analysis and Interpretation for Thematic Mapping, Cadastral / Parcel Mapping, GIS Database Design and Development, Map Creation / Updation and Finishing, Data Migration/Conversion and Format Translation, Software Development and Customization, Geodatabase Modeling as well as high-end Domain & GeoSpatial Technical Consulting and Support.
Faculty Members:

  1. Rupsinh Zankat
  2. Mahesh Tank
  3. Miss Bhakti Dudhatra