SONIC TECHNOLOGY (INDIA), INC. – GANDHINAGAR (for semester VI on 01/04/2010)

During this visit total 62 Students visited SONIC TECHNOLOGY, GANDHINAGAR. SONIC is a multi-facility manufacturer of single sided, double sided and multilayer (up to 10 layers) Printed Circuit Boards. And with locations in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India, it occupies more than 200,000 square feet and has the capability to support “quick turn” prototypes (24 hour to 10 day) with standard production lead-times of 3 weeks. Sonic Technology is a leading global supplier of time-critical, technologically advanced printed circuit board products and services with a focus on quality and outstanding.
Faculty Members:

  1. Krupa Dave
  2. Megha Mehta
  3. Denisha Gardhariya
  4. Ishita Hemani
  5. Kirit Bhalsod