To develop the department into a model center of education and research in the field of Mechanical Engineering and allied areas and to contribute to the development of industry and society.


Mechanical Engineering CAD/CAM Department strives to transform its students into Confident, Professionally Sound and Socially Responsible Engineers who can meet the challenges of advancing technology and work for the betterment of mankind.

Course Objective

Noble Group of Institutions, Junagadh aims to provide students with an understanding of advanced technologies and tools, which play a significant role in design and manufacturing of engineering components. To achieve this aim, the unit has the following objectives and learning outcomes:

  • Develop an understanding of the advanced aspects of enabling computer aided technologies used in design, manufacturing and rapid product development.
  • Develop a degree of competency in the development and application of modern CAD/CAM system through hands on experience in the solution of practical problems.
  • Apply knowledge on advances in modern techniques of rapid prototyping and rapid tooling.
Program Outcomes
  • Solve design and manufacturing problems using sound engineering principles and practices.
  • Produce CAD drawings which communicate the appropriate manufacturing details, standards, and specifications.
  • Effectively communicate with others using verbal, written, and graphical methods and procedures.
  • Function effectively on teams or on group projects, and assume leadership roles when appropriate.
  • Perform in a professional and ethical manner and maintain currency in technological advancements.
  • Info management (computer & research skills appropriate to degree level and type).
  • Critical thinking (problem solving, reasoning skills appropriate to degree level and type).
  • Have the ability to work both independently and collaboratively.
Head of Department
    Faculty Profile
    Lab Detail
    • CAD
      • Autocad- Inventor Professional 2010 (12 User)
      • PTC Pro-E Creo-1.o (50 user)
    • Retrofitting
      • Modified Lathe
      • CNC Retrofitted
    Results & Time Table
    Sem 1

    Time Table

    Sem 2
    Sem 3

    Time Table

    Sem 4
    Sem 1
    Sem 2
    Sem 3
    Sem 4
    Teaching Scheme
    Semester 1
    GTU Code Subject Short Name Subject Lect Prac Tutorials Credits
    2713301 Numerical Methods for Civil Engineering 3 0 2 4
    2712001 MMSA Matrix Methods of Structural Analysis 3 2 2 5
    2712008 ADCS Advanced Design of Concrete Structures 3 2 2 5
    2710001 RS Research Skills 1 0 2 2

    Semester 2
    GTU Code Subject Short Name Subject Lect Prac Tutorials Credits
    2722001 FEM Finite Element Method in Structural Engineering 3 2 0 4
    2722010 SD and EQ Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering 3 2 0 5

    Semester 3
    GTU Code Subject Short Name Subject Lect Prac Tutorials Credits
    2732004 RRS Rehabilitation and Retrofitting of Structures 3 2 2 5
    2730002 IR Internal Review 0 0 2 1
    2730003 DP I Dissertation Phase I 0 20 0

    Semester 4
    GTU Code Subject Short Name Subject Lect Prac Tutorials Credits
    2742003 ASDS Advanced Seismic Design of Structures 3 2 0 4
    2740001 EMSR External Mid Sem Review 0 0 2 10
    2740002 DP II Dissertation Phase II 0 24 0

    Contact (Departmental)

    Prof. Akash Raiyani

    Prof. Kankesh Dave