Bachelor of Science courses that we offer

B.Sc. (Chemistry)

Chemistry play vital role in everyday life from morning wake up to night sleeping, without chemistry life is not possible.
Graduates from this course will be better prepared to understand the new eco-friendly systems and processes that the chemical industry is adopting. After doing B.Sc. Chemistry, one can go for Post Graduate in Chemistry or take up various jobs and also take up internships to prepare for industry level entries such as Analytical Chemist, Bio-medical Chemist, Industrial Research Scientist, Lab Chemist, Materials Technologist, Production Chemist, Production Officer, Quality Controller, R&D Director, Research & Development Manager etc..
Noble Science college Provide the excellent education in chemistry, in terms of Academic, Experimental, Industrial training, Research and Technology development.

B.Sc. (Physics)

Unless you are a trained physicist you do not realize how much this important science impacts our everyday life. Physics is important in our transportation, developing consumer electronics, providing energy. Noble Science College we concern with experimental excellence with research centers.

B.Sc. (Maths)

Mathematics is study of Quantity, Structure, Space and change mathematics is culmination on in depth knowledge of Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus and other theories… in the Noble science college we encourage students for development of Mathematics by live working Models.

B.Sc. (Micro-Biology)

Microbiology is huge because of involvement of microbiology in various fields such as Pharmacy, Medicine, Clinical Research, Agriculture, Dairy industry, Water industry, Nanotechnology and Chemical technology. Microbiology has emerged as the key biological science microorganisms provide the model used in Molecular biology for research. In noble science college we are providing platform to the students for research and industrial experience.

B.Sc. (Zoology)

The subject, Zoology range from the more general to specific about the animal, with some details discussing a particular type of animal or species. So if you want to learn a bit about animals, this course is for you as students of B.Sc. in Zoology. The subjects deal with the study of the animal kingdom including the evolution, structure, classification, embryology, habits and distribution of all the animals also about palaeontology, marine biology, forestry or even something about animals that are not even proven to exist
Carrier opportunities after B.Sc. in Zoology are enormous. The graduates of Zoology are of high demand in many organizations both in India and abroad. After completing B.Sc. Zoology students have tremendous opportunities for their higher studies and there are lots of job opportunities for graduates in B.Sc. Zoology both in public and private sections.
The Noble Science College provides opportunities to do graduation in B.Sc. in Zoology. As College, we have Lab facilities in each subject with well-learned PhD faculties for subjects understanding.

B.Sc. (Botany)

Since the plant life nowadays is faced with more environmental issues the scope and importance of Botanists have improved considerably. On completion of B.Sc. Botany course a candidate can opt for a career as Biological technician while on completion of M.Sc. Botany course a candidate can opt for career in teaching or they can also opt for research work in Universities and other institutions.