Master of Science courses that we offer


Chemistry play vital role in everyday life from morning wake up to night sleeping, without chemistry life is not possible.
Graduates from this course will be better prepared to understand the new eco-friendly systems and processes that the chemical industry is adopting. After doing M.Sc. Chemistry, one can go for various jobs and also take up internships to prepare for industry level entries such as Analytical Chemist, Bio-medical Chemist, Industrial Research Scientist, Lab Chemist, Materials Technologist, Production Chemist, Production Officer, Quality Controller, R&D Director, Research & Development Manager etc..
Noble Chemistry P.G. Center Provide the excellent education in chemistry, in terms of Academic, Experimental, Industrial training, Research and Technology development.


Unless you are a trained physicist you do not realize how much this important science impacts our everyday life. Physics is important in our transportation, developing consumer electronics, providing energy. Noble Physics P.G. Center we concern with experimental excellence with research centers.