Ar. Jawahar MoriPrincipal, Noble Architecture College.

Dear Students and Parents,

Principal’s Message

With the emergence of ‘design’ importance in living and working standards, ‘architecture’ plays a very important role in our daily life. Architecture is a Multidisciplinary course with an outstanding amalgamation of Visual Arts& Craft, Planning and Design, Climate and Sustainability, and Science and Technology. Noble Architecture envisions instigating values, concepts, and theories of architecture to promote contextually and regionally relevant development by grooming students towards an envisioned goal and thereby establishing ourselves as premier institutions of professional architecture education in the Saurashtra region. Our goal is to discover ourselves as a premier and prominent resource of architectural innovation and institution imparting integrated education covering fine arts, history, humanities, climatology, science, technology, and other multidisciplinary aspects of architecture in Saurashtra region. Our mission is to promote the growth and inclusiveness of architecture as an important factor towards the developments of current and future built environments within Saurashtra region by producing competent architects who are eagerly driven, motivated and abled in working with their partners, colleagues and other members of AEC and real estate industry. Noble Group of Institutions is among the only few institutes in Saurashtra to offer courses in environmental design. NAC (Noble Architecture College) is Junagadh’s only organization to offer the 5-year professional bachelor’s degree program in ‘Architecture’. An architect prepares various designs for improving the built environment around us comprising private bungalows, high rise apartments, and commercials like malls and multiplexes. Students inclined towards the design aspect of construction technology can take up a professional course in Architecture. Its multidisciplinary syllabus also covers various subjects in history, art, climate, and psychology.