Prof. Ashwini JaniLecturer

Name:   Ashwini Jani

Designation: Lecturer

Department: Diploma Computer Engineering

Contact Information: 7405450597

Qualification: M.E.(Information Technology) , B.E.(Information Technology)


  • Teaching: 3 years
  • Industry:
  • Research:

Subjects Taught: 

  • • UG-Level: DBMS, OS, FSD, AJP, ACP, FDE
    • Skills: Good Communication Skills, Good team member, Directives & commotion accordingly.

Fields of Interest: Networking , Image Processing , Object Tracking


Hobbies: Hobbies: Reading, Travelling


  • Publication
      1 International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation(ISSN 2321 – 2705) Nov-2014
      Comparative Study of Linear and Non-linear Contrast Enhancement Techniques
      2.International Journal of Data Mining and Emerging Technologies(ISSN:2249-3212) May-2015
      Comparative Study between Two-Class SVM and One-Class SVM Classifiers for Outlier Detection for Disease Diagnosis
      3.International Journal of Data Mining and Emerging Technologies(ISSN:2249-3212) May-2015
      Comprehensive Study of Privacy Preserving Techniques for Distributed Database
      4.International Journal of Data Mining and Emerging Technologies published Protein Tertiary Structure
      Classification based on its Physicochemical property using Neural Network and KPCA-SVM: A Comparative Study.
      5.International Journal of Bioinformatics and biological science published
      Classification of Protein tertiary structure based on its Physicochemical features by KPCA- Multiclass SVM.

  • Conferences
    1.2015 IEEE International Conference on Engineering and Technology (ICETECH’15) March-2015
    A Survey on Multiclass-SVM and Feature Extraction Method based approaches for Classification of Protein Data in Bioinformatics.