Prof. Raghuvir KubavatAssistant Professor

Name: Prof. Raghuvir Kubavat

Designation: Assistant Professor

Department: Electrical Engineering

Contact Information: +91 9033928647

Qualification: M.E (Power System), B.E. (Electrical Engineering)

  • Teaching: 4 Year
  • Industry: 3 Month
  • Research: Nil

Subjects Taught:

  • UG-Level Elements of Electrical Engineering, Commissioning of Electrical Engineering , AC Machine, DC Machine, AC Machine Design, DC Machine Design, Inter Connedted Power System, Applies Electrical and Electronics Engineering , Electrical Instrumentation , Power Electronics.
  • PG-Level

Fields of Interest:


Hobbies: Teaching,Reading,Research,Travelling


  • Publication:
    1) Mr.Raghuvir B Kubavat“Impeccable Utility Power Obtained By the Impulsive Interphase Transformer in 12-Pulse Rectifier System” in INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED RESEARCH IN ELECTRICAL, ELECTRONICS AND INSTRUMENTATIONENGINEERING (IJAREEIE), Volume 5, Issue 11, November 2016

  • Conferences:
    1)Raghuvir B. Kubavat, Kishan V. Purohit “Enhancement in boiler work function by Introducing advance thermionic technology” National Conference on Recent trends in Engineering, Management & Pharmacy (NCRTEMP-2016), 23rd to 24th March 2017
    2)Raghuvir B. Kubavat “Vital 12-Pulse Rectifier SystemWith Differential Delta Connected Autotransformer” National Conference on Recent trends in Engineering, Management & Pharmacy (NCRTEMP-2017), 10th to 11th March 2017.