Saliya Jaykumar B.Assistant Professor

    Name: Saliya Jaykumar B.

    Designation: Assistant Professor

    Department: Electrical Engineering

    Contact Information: +91 8866334169

    Qualification: M. E. in power electronics and Electrical Drives


    • Teaching: 1 Year
    • Industry: 1 Year
    • Research: Nil

    Subjects Taught:

    • UG-Level: Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments, Control of Electrical Drives, Electrical power generation, Power electronics, Industrial Instrumentation
    • PG-Level: Modern Control System

    Fields of Interest: AC Machines and drives, Power electronics

    Skills: MATLAB, PSIM

    Hobbies: Learning, Reading, Teaching and Helping


    • Publication:
      1. Saliya Jaykumar B, Mahesh A. Patel “Transformer Less Single Phase PV Inverter with Dual Stage DC-DC Converter” International Journal of Advance Research in Engineering, Science & Technology e-ISSN: 2393-9877, p-ISSN: 2394- 2444, 22nd April, 2016 ITECE 2016.
      2. Saliya Jaykumar B, Mahesh A. Patel “H6 Transformer Less Single Phase PV Inverter With Boost Converter” National Conference on Emerging Research Trends in Engineering, NCERTE,2016 4th to 6th April 2016

      3. Saliya Jaykumar B, Mahesh A.Patel “Transformer Less Single Phase Grid Connected PV Inverter Using DC-DC Boost Converter” National Conference on Recent trends in Engineering, Management & Pharmacy (NCRTEMP-2016), 11th to 12th March 2016

      4. Saliya Jaykumar B, Nitin H. Adroja “Single Phase H6 Transformer less PV Inverter using Multistage DC-DC Converter” National Conference on Advancements in Electrical Engineering” (AEPEE – 2016).

    • Conferences: Nil