It is in the base of any medical science to know the up to date functioning of the structures in the body. The “Kriya Sarir” deals with study of the normal functions of body during rest and activity. In this subject, students get introduced to very basic Ayurvedic concepts like Dosha-Dhatu-Mala, Pachana, Prakruti, Atma, Mana etc The Department is fully equipped with latest Laboratory equipments to Study of compound microscope, Bleeding time, Clotting time, Hb%, ESR, Blood group, Blood pressure and etc.

Name: Dr. Amol Uttam Bansode
State Board Registration No. I-57515-A
Designation Professor
Date of Joining 07/12/2023
Address “PARTH VATIKA”, Bhesan Road, Near Bamangam, Taluka – Junagadh, Dist. – Junagadh,
Pincode – 362310, Gujarat
Mobile No 8484979788
Name:   Dr. Komal Mukundrai Desai
State Board Registration No. G.B. I-25056
Designation Assistant Professor
Date of Joining 11/11/2020
Address 204, Malhar Appartment, Alkapuri, Sursangam Society, Zanzarda Road, Junagadh City, Taluka –
Junagadh, Dist. – Junagadh,
Pincode – 362001, Gujarat
Mobile No 8698951915
Name: Dr. Vijay Bhagwan Khandagale
State Board Registration No. I-83174-A
Designation Assistant Professor/Lecturer
Date of Joining 11/03/2023
Address Block No. – 401, Krishna Appartment, Opposite Gangotri Appartment, Near Alpha – 1 School, Laxminagar Road, Junagadh City, Taluka – Junagadh, Dist.- Junagadh, Pincode – 362001, Gujarat
Mobile No 9969487464

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