• Shri Nileshbhai Dhulesia
    Shri Nileshbhai Dhulesia President

    A Civil Engineer by profession, actively involved and engaged in sports, real estate, Indian politics, and professional educational organizations, social welfare societies and rural growth for the district and the state.

    ‘Higher professional education is the key for developing the humanity as a whole. With this mission and challenge, the NGIEC is dedicated to put its steps forward for the students of this state and nation. Our goal is to create a healthy work culture, research and study oriented environment in all the socio-professionalfields.’

  • Shri Girishbhai Kotecha
    Shri Girishbhai Kotecha Vice President

    A highly religious and noble professional with leading quality oriented socio-educational development for the nation through active association in Indian politics for last two decades. An ever ready son of Humanity, as a whole presides over the seat of vice president of this trust.

    ‘Without education human being has no social identity. I pray the Almighty to listen to our prayers for the wellness of the human through high end and real time learning.’

  • Shri V. P. Trivedi
    Shri V. P. Trivedi Managing Trustee

    Having more than thirty years of experience in the field of education in Saurashtra University and Govt of Gujarat, solely dedicated for day in and day out activities carried out in the education campus. A broad minded and big hearted fatherly figure for each of the NGIEC family members having very microscopic analytical mindset is Shri Trivedi.

    ‘Students and teachers should bear the sole responsibility to build a nation of pride and ethics through quality learning and friendly environment. We are the guides but the youngsters are the runners and beneficiary, not striving for jobs but for providing the jobs.’

  • Shri K. D. Pandya
    Shri K. D. Pandya Co - Managing Trustee

    Renowned educationist and academic manager, having wide spread experience for imparting education and managing the educational organizations in and around this district and across Gujarat state. A person with ideals and motto to flourish the career of each child without any discrimination.

    ‘Just start putting your efforts positively; no difficulty can dare to come on your ways provided you don’t allow it to interfere and disturb your target. All problems come with definite solutions you have to search it with your talent and hard work.’

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