Women Grievance Committee – 20 Jul 2013

Women GrievanceCommittee

If A Woman Has To Choose Between Catching A Fly Ball And Saving An Infant’s Life, She Will Choose To Save The Infant’s Life Without Even Considering If There Are Men On Base.

  • Women’s welfare committee focuses on the academic/non academic issues pertaining to the women pursuing the courses.
  • Women’s welfare committee ensures the comfortable stay of the female students in the campus.
  • To protect women’s right to gender equality and provide a favorable environment for work study.
  • To provide a forum for women on the campus to share information and resources and exchange of ideas.
  • Any member of the committee can be contacted for any kind of problems faced by woman students in the campus.

For any query contact to chief coordinator or mail to vrg166@yahoo.co.in.

Click here to view Women Development Committee – Organizational Structure.

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