A lot has been said about Training & Placements over the last decade. The views, intentions and plans of the institute and Placement Cells, most of the time is a monologue. We strongly feel that the intentions can be a reality only when the students are willing and in alignment with the vision of the institute. The change in a student needs be inspired and not forced.

The forced changes do not last long. We, here, do not believe in some make-shift arrangements to achieve placement targets; our goal is to awaken a need of change within the students and work with them to achieve their goals. Such self-inspired discipline and focus last for a lifetime.

Each individual has something special in them. We help them explore their strengths. We focus on the strengths of the students and while keeping the same in mind, we collectively work on their areas of improvements. We have regular one-on-one interaction with each student, formally and informally.

The students are given feedback and time-frame for improvement. We, then, review them periodically. We believe in long lasting personal changes for better living. We inspire and empower the students to take initiative and train them on values like team-spirit, honesty, integrity, responsibility and truthfulness.

“I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.”

– Albert Einstein

Head, Training & Placement Cell