Synergy Transformer, Keshod

We visited Synergy Transformers For Various Types Of Transformers and also Design and Materials on 20th September 2014 at 11:30 am to 1:30pm. Suresh Tank & Prof. Jaydip Vaishnav led 25 students on the Visit. On behalf of SENERGY TRANSFORMERS Mr.Sanjay sir ( Technician) welcomed us. Later Mr.Vishal sir (Technical Expert) also gave us invaluable information regarding SENERGY TRANSFORMERS. They also accompanied us and explained us the various processes in the SENERGY TRANSFORMERS. We also got information regarding Transformers Used in different types of Cores and Materials. They also guide student for creating new and innovative Ideas for Transformers. They also answered all questions of students and explained will during sessions. At the end of visit, we thanked Mr. Kishan and Mr. Mitul for their very good guidance. We enjoyed a lot, As well as students of both streams got very much useful information. We are very much thankful to SENERGY TRANSFORMERS for their supporting contribution and sharing the knowledge with students.



DATE: 20/9/2014