Civil Engineering in Junagadh

To impart knowledge and execellence in civil engineering and technology with global perspectives to our students and to make them ethically strong engineers to build our nation.NGI the Best Master of Civil Engineering Junagadh

  • To encourage students to pursue higher education and take competitive exams and various career enhancing courses.
  • To establish centres of excellence in emerging areas of research.
  • To promote quality education, research and consultancy for industrial and societal needs
Course Objective
  • Established the knowledge and skills necessary for identifying and assessing design alternatives and the related social, economic, environmental, and public safety impacts.
  • Demonstrated their ability to deal effectively with ethical and professional issues, taking into account the broader societal implications of civil engineering.
  • Obtained or made progress for obtaining professional licensure, assumed or made progress toward assuming leadership roles, and engaged in life-long learning by offered subjects
Program Outcomes
  • An ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data.
  • An ability to communicate effectively.
  • An ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.
Head of Department
Faculty Profile
Lab Detail
  • CAD Lab
    • Personal Computer for Masters Degree students
  • Concrete Technology Lab
    • Le Chatelier Mould as per IS
    • Vibrating Table 50 cm x 50 cm
    • Compaction Factor Apparatus
    • Coarse Sieve
    • Fine Sieve 20 cm dia. Brass
    • Iron Pad
    • Wooden handel for shovel
    • Aggregate Impact Testing Machine
    • Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus
    • Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine
    • Concrete Test Hammer
    • Bulk Density Cylinderical Measure
    • Fine Sieve
    • 90 Mic. Fine Sieve 20 cm dia. Brass
    • 75 Mic. Fine Sieve 20 cm dia. Brass
    • Lid & Pan for 20 cm dia. Sieve
  • ADV TRAN Engineering Lab
    • Flash & fire test
    • softening point
    • penetration test
    • CBR test
  • EM Lab
    • Universal Testing Machine
    • Triangle & Parallelo gram forces app.
    • Parallel Forces app.
    • Screw Jack
    • Wheel & Diffrential axle
    • Friction Slide app.
    • Wheel & Axle Simple Form
    • Gndine Plane
    • Micro Weight
  • HD Lab
    • Mechanical Gauge
    • Simple U-Tube manometer
    • Differential U-Tube manometer
    • Piezometer
    • Manometer
    • Orifice meter
    • Pitot tube
    • Venturiflume
    • Velocity rod
    • Current Meter
  • SOIL Lab
    • Specific Gravity Bottle(PYCNOMETER)
    • Soil Hydrometer With Jar
    • Plastic limit device
    • Proctor Mould 100mm dia.with Rammer
    • Proctor Mould 150mm dia.with Rammer
    • CoreCutter With Dolly & Rammer
    • Sand pouring cylinder small
    • Permeability appratus
    • Liqid limit Device(Motorised)
    • Relative Density Appratus
    • Shrinkage limit set
    • Specific Gravity & Water Absorption test App.
  • Surveying Lab
    • Plane – Table
    • Ranging Rod
    • Steel Tape ( 30 M. )
    • Fibre Glass Tape ( 30 M.)
    • Total Station
    • Tacheometer
    • Theodolite
    • Prismatic Compass with stand
    • Plumb bob
    • Dumpy level with Stand
Results & Time Table
Sem 1
Sem 2
Sem 3
Sem 4
Sem 1
Sem 2
Sem 3
Sem 4
Teaching Scheme
Semester 1
GTU CodeSubject Short NameSubjectLectPracTutorialsCredits
2713301Numerical Methods for Civil Engineering3024
2712001MMSAMatrix Methods of Structural Analysis3225
2712008ADCSAdvanced Design of Concrete Structures3225
2710001RSResearch Skills1022

Semester 2
GTU CodeSubject Short NameSubjectLectPracTutorialsCredits
2722001FEMFinite Element Method in Structural Engineering3204
2722010SD and EQStructural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering3205

Semester 3
GTU CodeSubject Short NameSubjectLectPracTutorialsCredits
2732004RRSRehabilitation and Retrofitting of Structures3225
2730002IRInternal Review0021
2730003DP IDissertation Phase I0200

Semester 4
GTU CodeSubject Short NameSubjectLectPracTutorialsCredits
2742003ASDSAdvanced Seismic Design of Structures3204
2740001EMSRExternal Mid Sem Review00210
2740002DP IIDissertation Phase II0240

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