P.M. DIESELS PVT. LTD. (Field Marshal) RAJKOT – Diploma Mechanical on 23/10/2016

Company Profile:

The success narrative of the Rajkot-based producer of Field Marshal brand diesel engine who started with a meager capital of Rs 25000 and eventually reached the level of Rs 250 crore is in a way simple.

Company product is diesel engine called Field Marshal. Not only in Rajkot or Gujarat, people across the country are familiar with this brand name-Field Marshal. There were times when Rajkot was known as a Diesel Engine town with more than 100 units manufacturing it, but since most manufacturers were not flexible, they got shut down over a passage of time. Popatbhai was among a handful who survived. His engines are still doing a roaring business. When the man who has seen eight decades of life, starts recounting his success tale, you cannot help but be all ears to him, with admiration. For he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He started from scratch and is now sitting pretty on the summit of success. He says that since the education available in Patanvav was only up to class 8, he studied up to it and then joined a mine. ‘I would keep accounts of stones which were loaded on trucks for dispatch’ He had no inkling then that this accounting acumen he acquired at his mine job would stand him in good stead in future.

Purpose of Visit:

To develop practical knowledge by visit such type of company.

To study about different parts of diesel engines, assembly sequence, testing machine and various operations performed on the flywheel and all engine parts.

By visit different industries which is very useful to our future where we have to work as an engineer.

Learning from visit:

  1. Learning about the basic process of machining.
  2. To develop practical knowledge.
  3. To know about production line & how to increase productivity.