The Mechanical Engineering Department strives to be recognized globally for outstanding education and research leading to well-qualified engineers, who are innovative, entrepreneurial and successful in advanced fields of engineering and research

  • Imparting quality education to the students and enhancing their skills to make them globally competitive mechanical engineers.
  • Maintaining vital, state of the art research facilities to provide its students and faculty with opportunities to create, interpret, apply and disseminate knowledge.
  • To develop linkages with world class R&D organizations and educational institutions in India and abroad for excellence in teaching, research and consultancy practices.
Course Objective

Within a few years of graduation, our graduates:

  • Will have successful careers in engineering and beyond and will have assumed professional roles of increasing responsibility and impact.
  • Will have acquired new knowledge and expertise through professional development opportunities or advanced education.
  • Will be engaged in workplace, professional or civic communities.

The following methods and strategies are used in the Mechanical Engineering under graduate program to achieve these program educational objectives:

  • Foster a personalized, supportive environment for all students by taking advantage of a small college atmosphere in a major research university.
  • Enrich the under graduate experience through experiential learning and international study opportunities.
  • Provide students with opportunities to participate in multi-disciplinary design teams and to develop and practice written and oral communication skills.
  • Offer courses that instruct students on how to design, conduct and interpret analysis, experiments and simulations in thermal-fluids and mechanical systems engineering
  • Provide a contemporary grounding in professional responsibility, ethics, global and societal impact of engineering decisions, and the need for lifelong learning.
Program Outcomes

The students should gain:

  • An ability to apply knowledge of Mathematics, Science and Engineering
  • An ability to function on multidisciplinary teams
  • Students will achieve meaningful work by meeting the expectations of employers of mechanical engineers
  • An ability to communicate effectively
  • Students who are interested and qualified will achieve meaningful work by pursuing advanced study or alternate career paths. A recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in life-long learning
  • Students will achieve responsible citizenship by undertaking dynamic roles in their community, locally, nationally, and/or internationally.
  •  An ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of and ability to apply fundamental principles of mechanical engineering.
Head of Department
  • Prof. Prakash N. Parmar
    Prof. Prakash N. ParmarHead of Department

    Designation: Assistant Professor
    Work Experience: 
    7 years
    B.E.-Mechanical, M.E.-Cad/Cam

Industrial Visit
Industrial at Falcon Pumps Pvt. Ltd., Rajkot
Falcon a value driven organization based on the strong foundations of Reliability, Innovation and Pioneering technology working towards the ultimate core focus of maximizing highly delighted customers worldwide. Students learnt about working of heavy machinery, Gears, material transfer, material storage, Various types of Pumps, Motors, S... Read More
Industrial Visit at EPP Composites Pvt. Ltd., Rajkot
EPP Composites is one of the leading global players in the rapidly growing Composite Industry. EPP was established in 1986 with the intention to develop its place in the Composite Industry with focus on Quality and Customer Service. It is a global multi-product, multi-divisional group that is engaged in manufacturing of Composite Products... Read More
Industrial visit at Weldor Engineering PVT. LTD., Rajkot
It was good experience in this visit the company. Students learnt about working of heavy machinery, hydraulic press, material transfer, material torage, Various types of Press Machine. Etc. Weldor's 35 years old pioneering experience and on-going research for input of modern technology is a source of strength the name WELDOR has become re... Read More
Industrial Visit at Mahavir CNC, Rajkot
It was good experience visiting the company. Students learnt about working and manufacturing of CNC machine. Company was established in the year of 2011 and are one of the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of a comprehensive range of CNC Turning Centre and Turn Mill Center to our valuable clients. Our range of machines is fabricated b... Read More
P.M. DIESELS PVT. LTD. (Field Marshal) RAJKOT – Diploma Mechanical on 23/10/2016
Company Profile:The success narrative of the Rajkot-based producer of Field Marshal brand diesel engine who started with a meager capital of Rs 25000 and eventually reached the level of Rs 250 crore is in a way simple.Company product is diesel engine called Field Marshal. Not only in Rajkot or Gujarat, people across the country ar... Read More
Indo German Tool Room at Ahmedabad
Industry Visit Report 1 Company Name Indo German Tool Room2 Location Vatva – GIDC, Ahmedabad3 Date 1st,April-20164 Time 10AM to 2PM5 Semester 6th6 Name of Department Diploma Mechanical7 Number of Students visited 388 Number of Faculties accompanied 2  ... Read More
Jyoti Industrial
It was a CNC machine manufacture company. CNC machine was made from number of operation in Jyoti CNC Company. Students learnt various casting process like die casting, sand casting. Students also saw the different machining operation which performed on CNC parts like bending, cutting, welding, shearing etc. Students also saw the fitting s... Read More
Modest Industrial
It was a ship building company which made a different vessels ship. We got info about how a large number of parts of ships are produce, how its design made and how it applied on actual process of making a ship. Students also learn how the different parts are fabricated and assembled on the ship and also how that long process of making a s... Read More
Lab Detail

The department has the following well equipped laboratories

  • Thermal Engineering Laboratory
  • Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machine Laboratory
  • Theory of Machine Laboratory
  • Workshop
  • Measurement and Instrument Laboratory
  • Material Laboratory
  • CAD Laboratory
  • Manufacturing Lab
    • Lathe Machine
    • Drilling Machine
    • Grinding Machine
    • Milling Machine
    • Spot Welding
    • Arc Welding
    • CNC Lathe Machine
  • MI Lab
    • Vernier
    • Micrometer
    • Sine bar
    • Vernier Height Gauge
    • Tachometer
    • Dial Bore gauge
    • Bevel Protractor
    • Gauge Block set
    • Telescopic Gauge
    • Centrifugal Pump
  • CAD Lab
    • Auto CAD
    • Pro-E
  • Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics Lab
    • Venturimeter
    • Orifice
    • Reciprocating Pump
    • Centrifugal Pump
    • Laminar flow Apparatus
    • Turbulent Flow Apparatus
    • Reynolds’s Apparatus
    • Bernoulli’s Apparatus
  • Thermal Engineering Lab
    • Babcock and Wilcox boiler
    • Lancashire boiler
    • Dead Weight Safety Valve
    • Cochran Boiler
    • Pressure Gauge
    • Fusible Plug
    • Spring Loaded Safety Valve
    • Pressure Gauge
    • Charts(Boiler)
    • Throttling Calorimeter
    • Separating Calorimeter
  • Theory of Machine Lab
    • Static & Dynamic Balancing Apparatus
    • Universal Governor Apparatus
    • Flywheel
    • Dynamometer
    • Chain Drive
    • Helical Gear
    • Worm Gear
    • Spur Gear
    • Cam
    • Four bar Mechanism
  • Workshop
    • Bench Vice
    • Ring Spanner Set
    • Right angle
    • Rough Flat File
    • Ball pen Hammer
    • Centre Punch
    • And many more……
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Teaching Scheme
Semester 1
GTU CodeSubject Short NameSubjectLectPracTutorialsCredits
3300001BMBasic Mathematics2024
3300003ECHMEnvironment Conservation & Hazard Management4004
3300004EPEngineering Physics3205
3300007BEDBasics Engineering Drawing2406
3301901EWPEngineering Workshop Practice0404

Semester 2
GTU CodeSubject Short NameSubjectLectPracTutorialsCredits
3320003MATHSAdvance Mathematics (Group 2)2024
3300008AMApplied Mechanics3205
3321902MSMMaterial Science and Metallurgy3205
3321901MDMechanical Drafting2608
3320004BCEBasic of Civil Engineering0213
1990001CPDContributor Personality Developement400

Semester 3
GTU CodeSubject Short NameSubjectLectPracTutorialsCredits
3331901ME 1Manufacturing Engineering 13407
3331903FMHMFluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines4206
3331904SOMStrength of Material3205
3331905AEEEApplied Electrical and Electronics Engineering3205
3331906CAMDComputer Aided Machine Drawing0404
3330001HRMHuman Resource Management2002

Semester 4
GTU CodeSubject Short NameSubjectLectPracTutorialsCredits
3341901ME IIManufacturing Engineering II3407
3341902TE IThermal Engineering I3205
3341903TOMTheory of Machines4206
3341904CADComputer Aided Design2204
3341905M and IMetrology and Instrumentation4408
3341906PMSPlant Maintenance and Safety3205

Semester 5
GTU CodeSubject Short NameSubjectLectPracTutorialsCredits
3351901TE IIThermal Engineering II2204
3351902DOMDesign of Machine Elements3205
3351903ME IIIManufacturing Engineering III3407
3351904IEIndustrial Engineering3205
3351905ECCEstimating Costing and Contracting2204
3351906SEEDSelf Employment and Entrepreneurship Development3205
3351908PROJECT IProject I0314

Semester 6
GTU CodeSubject Short NameSubjectLectPracTutorialsCredits
3361901CAMComputer Aided Manufacturing2204
3361902TETool Engineering3205
3361903IMIndustrial Management3003
3361904MSManufacturing Systems3205
3361905FTFabrication Technology3205
3361910PROJECT IIProject II0606

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Kankesh Dave